Staging Your Home to Sell.



Pete Chaison Savannah List For Less Realty

When selling your home, you want to do anything you can to make your home stand out to a buyer. This includes viewing the photographs online, as well as during showings.

Staging your home can have a real impact on your ability to sell it quickly, and for top dollar. REALTORS report that it can increase the price of your home by 10% or more. Buyer’s agents have stated that a large percentage of buyers are better able to picture a home as their own when it was staged.

Staging does not have to mean hiring a professional stager. Your REALTOR should be able to assist you, or have someone who can. Or ask a friend to help you, to take the emotion out of it. At Savannah List For Less Realty we are experienced in assisting sellers to “set the stage” to get the best offers.

You can follow these 5 steps yourself and make a big difference.

  1. De-clutter and Clean

Clear counters, and pack away anything not essential. Remove photos and personalized decorations. This also means removing excess furniture, which helps to make your rooms feel bigger.

  1. Group Furniture

After removing excess furniture, group the remaining pieces into conversational groups away from the wall. You want there to be a flow to each room.

  1. Accessories

You still want the space to feel lived in. Decorate with groups of accessories like vases, books or plants. Group similarly hued objects in odd numbers. Vary the heights and shapes.

  1. Add Bold Accents

Adding 1 or 2 bold accents to highlight a feature, such as a great chandelier in the dining room or entryway. 

  1. Use Mirrors

Mirrors can brighten a room and make it seem bigger. A grouping of small mirrors can also be effective. Placing a mirror across from a window can reflect sunlight.

Staging can help potential buyers create an emotional contact with your home.

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