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Selling a home requires a sound sales strategy, marketing and a dedicated sales team. This includes preparation, staging, pricing, promotion, negotiating, and contract management. There are many things your agent can do to ensure your success. Partnering with the right agent to sell your home is the most important decision to make when you decide to sell.

Each step of the process is critical and we have provided information to help you understand all aspects of the sales process. If you need more information regarding selling your home in the Savannah area, and SAVING MONEY, give us a call.

Our low commission rates and full and professional service will enhance your ability to sell your home at maximum price.

Most homesellers have to pay the standard 6% real estate seller commission to their agents, but not our Clients. Our commission rate at closing is 4.5%, not the standard 6%, plus our We also provide extensive local and online marketing that could be the source of your buyer. If so, SLFL earns 3.5% commission. On a $200,000 you would save $5,000 at closing. If you sell your home and no other licensed agency is involved, the total commission paid at closing is 2% – Saving $8,000.