Drone Photography and Real Estate

As I have written before technology is changing both the way we live and the way we all do business. One of the best ways to showcase your property today is with drone photography? It’s a perfect way to get the attention of potential buyers, whether it is on the MLS listing, on a flyer or in an ad or incorporated in any marketing plan. It is fast becoming the exterior photography of choice for real estate companies.

Overhead shots can show off attributes of a property that can’t be captured by regular photos. Realtors are allowed to show up to 30 images of a property on the Savannah area MLS, but only one can be chosen as the first image, or featured image. A photo taken from a drone is the perfect one to make a lasting first impression on a buyer. It can give your property an edge over other listings.

Aerial photography has always been one of the best ways to showcase a property and now drones offer a convenient way to achieve that. Our company has invested in a drone with a camera with still photo and video capability. It has been a great tool for the marketing of our listings. It can be used for any property, with one current listing, I have used it for a 177 acre farm with several buildings, pool and a 17 acre fresh water lake. A few years ago the only way possible to do this was either in a helicopter or airplane. It is a great tool for a totally different perspective.

It also is a great way to show off beachfront and other waterfront properties, golf course homes, pools and really all listings we have. Not only can you see the featured property, you also can see the surrounding area. It will enable you to see more of the adjacent neighborhood and surrounding properties.

Drone photography is a unique part of our business model and will continue to be for years to come. I believe it is here to stay and will be enhanced as the technology quickly evolves. Talk to your REALTOR and find out the options he/she offers. It’s really the wave of the current marketing philosophy and is here to stay and used as a valuable resource when marketing your property.

Pete Chaison is co-owner of Savannah List For Less and can be contacted at either 912.313.2759 or pete@savannahlistforless.com